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H.Y.P.E. Counseling Services

"Helping You Pursue Excellence, Enrichment and Enlightenment"

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To help each child assigned to
our care develop to his or her greatest capacity and to become
a self-sufficient and contributing member of his or her community.



 Monday - Friday
 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(804) 213.0259
 (804) 213.0324

 (804) 254.4656

3333 West Marshall Street
Suite A
Richmond, VA 23230

 H.Y.P.E. Youth / Counseling Services

 is a Virginia licensed provider of Intensive In-Home Counseling and Mental Health Support Services


H.Y.P.E.ᶾ is a private mental health service agency which operates with the philosophy that the ability to succeed lays within every person.  Once anyone is armed with the resources and self-confidence necessary to accomplish established goals, self-sustainability will be reached.  With evidence-based, client-focused interventions our trained staff will assist each client with identifying, obtaining and implementing the skills needed to become a socially responsible contributing member of their respective communities.


"Helping You Pursue Excellence, Enrichment and Empowerment" or H.Y.P.E.ᶾ Counseling Services, is based in Richmond, VA. We specialize in delivering two separate, but equally vital services; intensive in home services for at risk youth and mental health skill building services for adults needing support and assistance in becoming independently stable in the community. Our main focus for both services is to serve the mental health needs of the child or the adult through support of, and access to psychological, psychiatric, economic, medical, legal and social services.


H.Y.P.E.ᶾ mission is to provide superior behavioral and mental health services by offering youth, adolescents, adults and their families better options, more resources, interventions, and individualized person-centered plans to operate at their fullest potential.  We seek to provide each person with the tools necessary to identify internal abilities and resources in order to achieve positive goals.  We strive to meet the needs of our clients while evoking and instilling hope and trust. Through sound evidence based therapeutic interventions, motivation and unconditional support H.Y.P.E.ᶾ will strive to inspire each client to reach their fullest potential within the home, school and community setting.

We at H.Y. P. E.ᶾ recognize the importance of providing a quality program and have taken the steps to ensure that children, adolescents and adults develop the skills necessary for their success.


HYPE Youth Services, LLC was formed in 2009 as a quest to meet the needs of youth in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding counties. Entering 2012, HYPE Counseling Services, the mental health support services adult program, was added to our family. We recognized the importance of providing a quality program that allow children, adolescents and adults to develop the skills necessary for success. HYPE Youth / Counseling Services is strongly committed to enhancing the lives of youth and adults by instilling in them a belief that they have the capabilities to achieve their goals. This is done by surrounding them with caring and supportive staff that lends support and guidance to each and every family in our care.